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2007 24' Grand Craft


This classy boat is Grand Craft's Luxury Sport model, powered with an 8.1L V-8 Crusader, 425 HP with only 240 hours on it.  This Grand Craft offers comfort, nibble handling and ample room for a day of boating with friends and family.  It has the look of a traditional wood boat enhanced by a full complement of amenities.  The wide beam allows for ample cockpit room and lots of seating! The plush bench seat across the stern welcomes additional guests with a variety in seating when sun bathing or stargazing.  The Luxury Sport delivers confidence in the open water when handling rough conditions.  Children and the faint hearted feel safer with the higher freeboard; yet still thrill to Luxury Sport's outstanding performance.  Season after season the epoxy saturation system upholds the unique balance of near-forgotten craftsmanship and beauty with the added benefit of low maintenance.  From island lakes to island hoping, Luxury Sport is oceans away from today's mass produced boats.   Ready to enjoy this summer!  Trailer included.   $95,000

Beam 8'    Draft 23"   Freeboard Aft 24"   Freeboard Fore 38"   Weight 4,200 lbs   Seating capacity 12

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