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Restoration & Custom Building

Whether restoring your antique boat to original condition or redesigning  it to fit your needs, we can handle your entire project from start to finish.  



We will make any repairs that wood boats require from cosmetic damage or dents, to major rot repair.  But our claim to fame are our complete rebuilds.  We use the best materials available to ensure that you get the most life out of everything we build. Labor $125 per hr.



Our finishing department offers the finest marine finish available.  We have tested all marine finishes and come up with the best system.  We've developed our own sealer that penetrates the wood better for increased adhesion. We offer custom blending for a variety of stain options.  Labor $125 per hr.


Custom Painting

We can repaint fiberglass and wood boats.  Labor $125 per hr.


Bottom Replacement

We offer traditional, cold molded, 5200 epoxy or our signature 'Lifetime' bottom replacements. Feel free to stop by for a quote.


Chrome Replating & Polishing

The hardware is like the fine jewelry on the boat.  We offer complete restoration of your hardware, whether it's replating and polishing all bronze parts or polishing any stainless parts such as rub rails and hinges.  All chrome parts are triple plated with copper, nickel and chromium.  We can fabricate custom hardware like cut waters, edge waters, trim and fair leads.  For hard to find or irreplaceable parts we offer custom casting.


Custom Transom Lettering & Registration No.

We will provide font samples in your chosen name and install vinyl lettering and registration numbers for your boat in traditional scripted immitation gold,  23K Florentine gold or any color of your choosing.


Custom Upholstery & Covers

All our upholstery is hand patterned and custom made to fit your boat perfectly. Covers are custom made to fit  your boat with cut outs for cleats and lifting rings as needed.



New custom made trailers available. Call for quote.



Boat and trailer related welding available. (Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze)

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